Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interview Tips?

Good morning! Last night we did the yoga dvd in the P90X set. I could not imagine yoga being very difficult compared to the plyometrics and arms/shoulders, but boy was I wrong! I started to have some pain in my leg (where my fracture is), so we stopped the dvd half way through and then did the ab ripper. These dvds are intense! I'm kind of enjoying the pain though. I guess I'll see how long that lasts! I threw dinner in the crockpot last night, knowing that it would be pretty late once we were finished up P90X. We had a seasoned pork loin, mixed veggies and sweet potatoes. Carmel (our puggle) decided to pee all over our bedroom last night. Obviously, that's not the most exciting thing to see just as you're about to step into bed. We spent about a half hour with the resolve bottle and rags trying to clean it up. I have no idea why she did that. I need to shampoo the rug now, so I made a trip to Walmart this morning for carpet shampoo. When I got back I had a quick breakfast:
1 C. Kashi Go Lean
1 C. skim milk
1 banana
calcium/vitamin D supplement
iced coffee w/Truvia & skim milk
Yes, boring, but delicious nonetheless!

In other news, my job searching/applying for has paid off! I have an interview on Friday for a project manager position. Wish me luck! Do you have any tips on effective interviewing?! I need all of the help I can get. :)

Later this afternoon I'm going to spend a few hours at my parents' pool with my Grandmom. Tonight we will be doing another P90X dvd (I forget which one!), so as always, I will post an update!

Now, I'm off to shampoo carpets....

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