Friday, August 6, 2010

Cleared for Cardio!


I am so excited to report that I've been cleared to do non-weight bearing cardio exercising for the next 6 weeks! That means I'm allowed to bike, swim or use the elliptical every other day. It seems as though my fracture is healing as it should. I went out to lunch with my grandmom and then to the pool for a few hours. I had the 1/2 salad & soup at Panera Bread with a whole grain baguette. Yum! A few hours later when I got home I had a "SIAB" (smoothie in a bowl). I used:
                                                            1 C. skim milk
                                                            1 banana
                                                            1 TB. P.B.
                                                            1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
                                                            sprinkle of cinnamon

This may have been the best snack I've ever had...
Right now I'm just catching up on email and job searching. We'll be having pizza at my parents' tonight :)

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